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How can you hypnotize people?

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    Has anyone ever been hypnotized? Ive always wanted to learn? Ilways thought it would be cool to do so as long as no-one got hurt just to hypnotize my boss and have him come into work in a dress instaed of a suit. HEHEHE!
    Dx :wink:
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    100% NOT possible. And I would know because I am well trained in psychiatry and neuroscience.

    Hypnosis is possible - bt it's not what you (or anyone else) thinks it is.
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    Re: Re: How can you hypnotize people?

    What is it then? Why would the first demand not work? Do you need to be willingly participating in the hytnotism or something?
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    Another God

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    Apparently, Hypnosis is essentially just a very deep meditation. You reach hypnosis by essentially the same method as someone reaches meditation.

    My GF was part of a psychology study where Mediation was used on her extensively. Maybe she'll come in here and describe it for you..???
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    Absolutely 100% false.

    Hypnosis is as unlike meditation as riding a bike is like reading.

    The only way hypnosis as you people probably picture it, can be done, and is done - is with hypnotic drugs.

    "Hypnosis" through any none medical possess does absolutely NOTHING of the sort.
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    Another God

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    PhysicsRocks88...you have a lot to learn
    I suggest you don't be so sure of yourself until you are sure you know what you are talking about.

    Of course, I am not going to contradict what you have just said, because I don't know for sure. I did use the word 'apparently' in my post afterall...but LOL...hmmmm....I think you might have to revise your post one day...
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    Alot to learn? certainly not from you. I've gone to double the amount of schooling you have, and am double the age. Unles your post had ANYTHING to contribute, don't post.

    It's that simple, end of story.
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    hopelessly egotistical. i don't think the physics forums is the place for you.

    and what does your post contribute to the discussion? or mine for that matter. i'll stop now, because i don't really want to sink to your level.
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    Another God

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    Love it.

    *can't stop laughing*
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    How typical. The truth as an egotistical thing - get used to it.

    Also, the physics forum has been my place for just under one year now. I'm pretty sure I'll be here another year - so get used to seeing the truth.
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    Another God

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    Thats funny, it says you joined in May.

    Maybe this is a new Ego. Have you been banned several times already?
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    maybe he's Lifegazer anew!

    yeah, and i bet all the posts you've made have been equally egotistical and pointless. :wink: but, let's not get personal.
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    Re: Re: How can you hypnotize people?

    Oh REALLY? Hmm that is quite interesting. So are you a licensed to practice? Which medical school did you attend? What did you specialize in? Neuropsych?

    I'm curious because there is a place for hynotherapy, though there are a lot of fakes out there. I would caution however, that it's not so simple as to wave a watch in front of someone for a few minutes until they fall asleep.

    Let me see if I can provide DX with an "alternative" point of view...
    So please, bear with me and my "limited" schooling while I attempt to beguile you all with my "vodoo"

    Hypnosis is the power of suggestion. And it is just that. There are several factors involved. First, the subject must be a willing participant. Those guys on oprah are just performance artists. Secondly, not everyone is suceptible to hypnosis. It takes a certain mind to be able to be hypnotized. I've had it attempted on my by a professional and I could not let go. Also, there is the trust factor. So if the comfort level is not there, it will not be successful. that being said, what happens is that you go into a deeply relaxed state where you are not actually asleep.This is where your brain wave patterns change into what's known as an "alpha" state of relaxation, and you become more suceptible to suggestion. I don't know if meditation is a very good analogy. You're just basically relaxed. When you reach that relaxed state your subconcious begins to surface. Now in this state you are suceptable to certain suggestions, however bearing in mind that there is a certain personality type it takes to hynotize, they are likely just as vunerable in a fully conscious state, if those suggestions are phrased properly. And the mind will hold basic instincts above all else, if you gave someone a suggestion to kill themselves, they probably would not, unless they had an extremely weak mind or low IQ.

    And that concludes today's "sermon"...

    Anything else you'd like to add, "DOCTOR"?

    EDIT: here's a valid link to some hynotherapy info. it's IMHO a more sound description as I found the link of of a psychotherapy site:

    Last edited: Jul 1, 2003
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    Zantra - Of course I am licensed to practice. I am a neurologist.
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    Another God

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    Hmmm...its sad to see someone who would apparently have so much potential intelligence lock it all up behind an egotistical facade.

    You may have twice as much education as me PR88, and you may be twice as old...but you still have a lot more to learn than me.
  17. Jul 1, 2003 #16
    Interesting you should say that.. it's what I'm going to school to study for. Defintely interested in Child psychology.

    However, those are some bold statements you make considering the company you're in. This isn't AOL, and the people who post here are scientists, doctors(of varying disciplines) and other highly educated people of whom some are no doubt equal, if not greater than you in age and education. Let us hope you can live up to the expectations you are setting up for yourself here.
  18. Jul 1, 2003 #17

    AG, just STFU. You have no idea how much more information I have than you. And if you dare to even dream of having as much information and intelligence as me, then you're the egotistical one. I can act affirmative because I have the expertise to back it up little one.

    So just keep on being a jackass to those far more knowledgable, and see where it gets you. It sucks to be jealous eh?
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    I guess you'd know...
  20. Jul 1, 2003 #19

    Another God

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    hmmm....someone who dreams of being as good as you are must be egotistical musn't they...

    I'm not claiming to be your equal, or your better PhysicRocks88...I'm just aware of things that you obviously aren't. You are the only one here who feels like they are threatened.
  21. Jul 1, 2003 #20
    For the layman, ladies and gentlement, this is known is transference. His hostility is no doubt as as result of his delusion of granduer being threatened. When that reality is threatened, hostility ensues.
    AG, by contradicting his reality, you're threatening his belief system. So further action on your part will only result in increased hostility.

    I recommend 500 MG prozac once daily. Do you concur doctor?
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