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How can you maintain interest in math?

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    Up until yesterday, I had thought mathematics was the foundation of an objective reality that exists outside our mind. I saw mathematics as embodying perfection. But, yesterday I came upon Goedel's incompleteness theorem, and the conclusions that can be derived from it. I feel as if I have lost faith in a god; I am sure my belief in mathematics was psychologically related to a belief in a god. How can you mathematicians and physicists, maintain interest in mathematics with the advent of things such as the Copenhagen interpretation and Goedel's incompleteness theorem?
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    Drugs. Hard drugs.
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    so my life is over already? At the age of 16? There are only drugs to cure my woes?
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    Look at this way:if suddenly people would lose interest in mathematics,many of them would lose their jobs,go broke & die hungry...:wink: :tongue2:


    P.S.Message:Phuck Gödel & his theorem!!:mad:
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    There are people who are actually interested in maths? No way!

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. Maths is a tool, that's all. Learn how to use it, then go and find a proper interest!

    (Hmm, having said that, I do know some spanner enthusiasts.)
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    Hey, there may be Gödel's theorem, but as long maths can be applied by engineers who build airplanes etc. and it works, then everything's fine.
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    Thankfully there are lots of people who disagree with that.
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    Yep, math is a form of art.
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    Yes. Ssh don't tell anyone - the government drugs our water in order to give us the will to live, in spite of Godel's Incompleteness Theorem. You must have stopped drinking water in the last couple days. Dehydrated?
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    Ahahaha :rofl:
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    It can't be both? (a tool and art)

    A good slide rule is a lot more than just a handy tool for solving quadratic equations and vector problems. It provides an aesthetic pleasure far beyond just getting the right answer.

    A good car is a lot more than just a handy way to get from home to work. Some people see them as works of art, even going to the point of building models of them. On the other hand, some people are just scary - model car Click "Next Photo" for close up of front end. In fact click Previous or Next to see entire collection of model cars (Previous is best - such violence! The airbag was a nice touch, but were the blood stains necessary? And as to the guy who built an entire junk yard of wrecked model cars!??).

    Err, uh :uhh: I mean brewnog's right. Quite obsessing over it and look out your window once in a while (real life's much better - btw, do BMW's inspire violence in anyone else, or is it just me? BMW
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    When I was in grad school at U. Wisconsin in the early 60's, you could take your Ph.D. in either the faculty of sciences or the faculty of arts. The difference was in the color of your hood. I "solved" the problem by not getting a Ph.D :yuck: .
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    Heh, here you can choose to graduate with a BA or a BSc in psychology. The course contents are identical!
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    IMO Godel refutes his own theorem. But I have only briefly looked at it, so I may be wrong.

    Math is the bridge between art and science. That's GRANDEUR for you.
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    I'm interested in math. Of course I have a lot of lay-around time: easy livin' where you been so long :rofl:
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    I am still only a relative beginner in math but it is a discipline whereby the human ability to think can be truly extended. To me, that makes it very interesting.
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