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How come can Latex work on this forum

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    Can you please tell me why ?

    I would like to ask for any place, like a testing forum so that I can test some latex arguments before posting anything about maths in the above forums..
    I am sorry i dont know about latex much...

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    cause chroot is a sage
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    Thanks you guys a lot,

    I would like to have a quetion. I know talkroot is another forum of sitemanagers here,
    But may I ask for new forum about application programming right in software programming ?
    Application programming includes C/C++; .NEt ; Java ; yes three small forums.
    Can site managers create three of them in that forum ?
    Talkroot is also good, but I see no one there, its a little bit boring...
    People coming to physicsforums mostly ask questions about academic subjects in college, universities, like maths, physics, chemistry etc, this also means they are all coming from engineering field in which computer sciences might be also their main interest...
    Just a suggestion for of course me first and them later. I have nothing to conceal what i really would like to say, so please sitemanagers reconsider and give us your good decision...please help...

    Thanks in advance.:)

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