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How current is Feynman?

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    I'm interested in learning the fundamentals of physics, likely from Feynman's text. However, I'd like to know if there's anything in the Feynman that's been disproved since it was published as I'd hate to have to unlearn anything I didn't have to. Thanks.
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    Feymann's books may be out of date, but I don't think anything in them has been found false. The trend in physics since around 1923 has been positive; older theories have been relegated to limited energy ranges but they haven't been disproven within those ranges. The basic stuff in Feynmann's elementary physics texts is timeless.
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    Let's extend that to December 14th,1900. :wink:

    Well,the reason for which Feynman's book (as u may have known it is an improved version of a course on General Physics he used to teach for several years) is still valid and will be for a lotta time from now on is that the facts exposed there are NOT ADVANCED.He never mentions (aspects,results from) QFT and the QM chapter is taught at elementary level...
    Yes,by not teaching things that had (at that time) the chance of suffering rapid & dramatic changes,Feynman assured immortality for his book.

    PRICELESS!!! :cool:

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    :smile: All right, thanks a bunch, dextercioby and selfAdjoint. I'm sure I'll be back once I finish this puppy to ask about the next step/area I can learn about. Possibly, I will be back before then for clarification.
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