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How did HIV become?

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    If HIV is only transmitted through the fluids that are from an HIV positive person, HOW DID IT FIRST START?

    Did it break the "spieces" barrier by going from monkeys to humans?

    If so, how did the monkeys get it? (doesn't it mimic the same human symptoms).
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    Let's tackle the deeper question:

    what is the detailed history of the universe from its beginning?

    There are many unanswered questions in science, one of the jobs of researchers is to try, to the best of their ability, to provide answers to some of those questions.

    As for your specific question, the consensus is that yes, indeed, HIV was first transmitted to humans to monkeys (possibly in the 1950's).
    As for how fHIV first made its appearance, one presumes that a proto-HIV virus mutated into the HIV-virus (date uncertain).
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    Simian immunodeficiency viruses are similar to HIV and infect many primate species. HIV probably arose from one of those and broke the species barrier at some point. The interesting thing is that most of these viruses don't cause disease in their hosts. This probably means that the virus and the host have coevolved for a very long time, and the host has developed a tolerance for the virus while the virus has become less virulent. It's just when they break into a new species, like humans, that they become deadly.
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    Well according to many Christians Ive met.. God wanted to punish homosexuals.

    Somehow I think they may be wrong.

    Its mutated SIV.
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