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How Did It Get There ?

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    My Socket Is Supplying 220v Normally, And My Equipment Are Working Fine. But Whenever I Put My Tester On Neutral Terminal, Its Brings Out Light.but The Light Is Not Bright Or Full As The One From The Phase Terminal.

    (1) What Are The Possible Cause For That Light From The
    Neutral ?

    (2) How Did It Get There ?
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    First of all, please be careful when working with the AC mains like that. Second, how are you testing this? Do you have a test light with two leads that you are connecting in different ways? Do you also have a voltmeter that you are using to test the socket? Which country are you in, and what it the standard socket configuration (like, is it Line-Neutral-Earth, or just Line-Neutral?).
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    Sounds like the connection between neutral and ground is not very good, and you have some small voltage between neutral and ground. This can be dangerous, and can lead to getting shocked just by touching the metal cabinet of an appliance.

    - Warren
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