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How did ostrogradsky prove the divergence theorem?

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    so we know that the divergence theorm, was proved by Gauss, and also proved by ostrogradsky.

    but infact, the divergence theorm was discovred by Lagrange...correct?

    now, did these 3 guys prove it differently? I'm sure it couldn't be exactly the same way right? basically, I've been searching the internet all over, and can't find the differen't variations of the proof for the divergence theorem...

    any help?
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    How about trying to search over the internet the original articles and then try to find them at the closest university library...?Pay attention with Gauss,he had a weird/funny way of writing mathematics...That's what i heard.

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    thats an interesting question. this theorem follows so directly from the FTC plus repeated integration I cannot imagine any other way of proving it.

    But whenever I say that, someone proves me wrong.
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