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How did you meet your significant other?

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    This is just something I was thinking about earlier. Was it just a freak coincidence or maybe it was a friend that you grew to love...or something? Just a tad curious.

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    A sister of a person that I had dated previously. We're still in the "trial period", but after 36 years of marriage, I think we're ready to settle in.
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    Mail order, plus shipping and handling.
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    I LOVE the handling!!!!
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    The best one in our family

    Person had a really good looking sister. They used to go to the local drive in for a snack in the evening. A guy who was crazy about the sister was at the same drivein restaurant with three friends. They came over and got in the back seat of the car and chatted, then left. One of the three friends called the next day and asked them out. They never went out with anyone else after that and have been happily married forever after.

    It pays to have a good looking brother or sister or friend..
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