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How do CPU chips work

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    can sombody please tell me how cpu chips work and how to make one oh and same for programming a game
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    Both topics (CPU design and game programming) would take you years to learn, and would require thousands of pages to provide an adequate explanation.

    Perhaps you should consider asking more focused questions.

    - Warren
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    Some things:

    Get a book on computer architecture. You'll learn about AND, OR, and XOR gates. These are the basic circuits in a CPU. You can hook them together in very complicated ways to do arithmetic. You can write numeric code called "assembly language" to control how the CPU does that arithmetic. All high-languages such as C++ and whatever else is the norm today, is converted by another program into this numeric code. They're right. Takes a long time and it's beautiful!

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    Yes, please. Knowing how the circuits and boards work will not increase programming skills sufficiently, they will only help with building a computer from scratch. Game programming also does not simply fall into one category. There are different jobs such as Tools, Level Design, Storyboarding (on occasion, and that doesn't really have anything to do with programming), skinning, modeling, engine design, and countless others. In addition, many of these jobs require an incredibly high understanding of math.
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