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How Do Heat Pumps Work

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    Hey, I know this is pretty random, but I have a few questions about heat pumps. Does the refrigerant run out or is it circulated over and over again? Also, how does the compressor play into it? I know this is a simple question that will get simple answers, but if anyone knows anything, leave a post.
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    The refrigerant is recirculated.
    The compressor compresses the refrigerant, making hotter - in particular, hotter than the place you're pumping heat to. Having passed some of it's heat to the target, it's a bit cooler (but still warmer than the target). It's now allowed to expand. That makes it colder than it was before it was compressed. It now goes past the heat source, which warms it up a bit. And round it goes again.
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    Depends on whose system you are talking about. The R-22 in my old system just "ran out" last week and I have to replace the whole lot with a new R-410a based system ($$). Anyone here have a favorite brand?
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