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Homework Help: How do i convert 9dm to meters?:rolleyes:

  1. Aug 30, 2006 #1
    how do i convert 9dm to meters?:rolleyes:
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    Use google/conversion tool. Or if you learn that 1 dm = 10cm then you can use that.
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    The prefix on the unit gives you the clue on how to convert it.

    dm: decimeter, prex = "deci" = x 10^-1

    Multiply The value in decimeters by 1 E-1 to obtain its value in meters,
    9 dm * 1 E-1 m/dm = .9 m

    List of metric prefixes,
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    1 m = 10 dm use dimensional analysis if it gets too complicated for brain alone to handle
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    Jeffy, do you not see the possibility that the OP will merely steal the answer from your post and not bother with understanding the conversion? Could you not have omitted that one line from your post?

    There's a reason we insist on not handing out answers, especially if the OP does nothing more than post a homework question and disappear (in violation of the guidelines)!
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