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Homework Help: How do I evaluate this properly? Trig

  1. Jan 9, 2005 #1
    I have the question evaluate the following : cos(-pi/12)

    I rewrote this to be -15 degrees = 345 degrees.

    I think Im supposed to use the sum and difference formula or special triangle, so I wrote

    cos(30degrees-45degrees)= cos 30 cos 45 - sin 30 sin 45

    my answer turned out to be 0.5124 but it says the correct answer is 0.9659 what did I do wrong?
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    U applied the 'cosine' formula incorrectly.It should read
    cos(30degrees-45degrees)= cos 30 cos 45 +sin 30 sin 45

    I think it gives you the right answer.
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    Ok I changed the sign but now my answer is 1.219 it is still wrong
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    You added wrong, aisha
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    yes ur right thanks i didnt do it separately I just input the whole thing into the calculator thanks :smile:
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