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How do I gain more confidence to talk to women?

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    how to talk women without fail
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    I should not have handled your question but in lighter vein.....

    perhaps you have some problems-let me see how physics can help you.
    physical observational methodology gives a perspective that you personally do not interfere in the experimental process-otherwise the results can get affected.
    similarly in dealing with communication do not involve your self- and
    1. try to listen more -many a time
    2. agreeing to other's point of view and
    3. raising few questions only
    4. after the other party has exhausted his/her points.
    perhaps it can work=keep fingers crossed as i am no psychologist
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    Welcome to PF! Plrase be aware that we are not primarily a dating or relationship advice site, although there are some related discussions in the less technical forums.
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