How do I get DVDs to iTunes?

  1. How do I get DVDs to iTunes???

    I've tried numerous methods of getting a DVD onto iTunes, but I just can't get it to work. Could someone please help me?
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  3. Are they copyright movies or something? If their family videos or something like that and are in the correct format it should work. Are you trying to add it to the library or just play?
  4. Well. I can easily get them to just play on my computer. But I cannot get them into my library. I've even done format changing and sticking them into the iTunes library files.
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    Borrowing an ancient line from Ed McMahon on the old the Tonight Show ... "everything you ever wanted to know" about DVD's can be found at this web site:

    Actually I was using the stuff I found there for the opposite reason, transferring old films / tape videos to DVD.
  6. Are you trying to get DVD movie files onto an iPod?
  7. basically. Im trying to get a DVD, onto my iTunes library as if I had just purchased a movie from iTunes.
  8. I think I got it from here. Thanks guys.
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    How much storage does that iTunes have? Most newer movies are > 4.7GB in size. Does the iTunes allow you to upload ISO or DOB files (files made from "ripping" DVDs?).

    Note, in the USA, this is legal as long as you own the DVD (as opposed to ripping from a rental DVD), depending on the interpreration of digital media rights, when making a video as opposed to copying a DVD (making a DVD copy violates the reverse engineering of digital protection, although the programs that do this simply remove the protection, so it's not clear if a user of such a program is "reverse" engineering, as opposed to the authors of such programs).

    Again, in the USA, based on the "Sony" case about recording programs with VCR's, if you played a DVD you owned on your TV and recorded it with a camcorder it would be legal. In fact the FCC shot down an attempt by a company Sony owned about not allowing DVR's to ouput broadcast video onto the firewire ports, citing Sony's previous court case where Sony fought for the right to record broadcast video.

    Another option that wouldn't involve reverse engineering digtial protection would be to simply play the DVD on your computer, and use HyperCam II (do a web search) which records a user selected window and sound from the desktop. Fraps will do a similar capture but normally it only works with full screen, 3D output as with games.
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