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How do I get rid of Weather Bug entirely?

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    This darn spyware has caused my computer to boot 40% slower. Is there any effective product for removing Weather Bug to the roots, without harming my computer?
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    The latest version of Bug (6.04) is supposed to be free of spyware though it does slow down my bootup. What version are you using? What happens when you uninstall it?
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    Go to lavasoft and download ad-aware, or go to safer-networking and get spyboy. Both work well.

    Good luck.
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    Having uninstalled the version I was using, I am unaware of its designation. It seems to slow my bootup even after uninstalling.


    Rather than involve myself with weekly updates, am I OK if I avoid downloading material off of the Net?

    Do these work after the fact?
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    Yes, the above will clean out most spyware on your system, even the remnants.
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    The internet is the main source of spyware and adware, so not downloading anything will help. However, some adware and spyware is automatically installed, so if you don't want to update weekly, just be careful with the sites you visit.
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