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How do I get started?

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    I just finished my sophomore year in high school( in 2 days I will have), but I only fell in love with physics this year. I never gave credence to mathematics till' now and I'll only be doing algebra II next year. My grades range from A to C-, and I've gotten so used to not studying and still passing, that I don't entirely know how to study (but I think I might know what I need to do).

    First question: How do I get the necessary courses for high school taken care of at this point? i.e. Mathematics and basic physics
    Second question: How do I get the experience needed to get into graduate school?
    Third question: How do I afford the money to get a PhD?

    p.s. I'm aiming for a PhD in Particle Physics. more specific then that, I'm not sure yet.
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    Welcome to PF! Please ask your questions in the appropriate forum.
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