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How do i integrate (cot(x))^2

  1. May 20, 2004 #1
    hi all, but how do i intergrate


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    matt grime

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    replace with a trig identity involving cosec^2, and spot that it's the derivative of something.
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    oh i didnt able to get it,

    another one is intergrate sec(x) my answer was Ln(1-t^2) where t=tan(x/2)
    but it seems to be wrong

    ~~i m hopless with intergration anyone could help me imporve? i mean any advice in this field
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    1. Calculate the derivative of cotan(x)
    2. Try to combine this with matt grime's suggestion
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    There's usually a section under Calc II for trig. integrals.
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