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How do i know if i want this

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    I have been out of high school for 3 yrs now and have taken college on and off. I work alot and find it hard to get what i want out of school because of a physically demanding job. I am going to ditch this job because school is the rest of my life and a check is for a week. I have a HUGE passion for the physical world. So much so that i am thinking I want it to be the rest of my life. I could care less what job ill ever get, or how much money it will bring but that I know everything that i can about it. I want to learn EVERY term, formula, theory and ect. that has been developed. I want to further the human knowledge of what weknow of the universe, and why it is what it is. Im unsure about the decision though. I just dont want to do this to do this. I am willing to take all the tedious math to get to any point. I have recently been teaching myself calc and im currently learning physics through a work book (thermodynamics, mirrors and lenses, electricity and magn, harmonic motion ect.). I need some advice from someone who is not studying this ONLY for the stature or economics but because of a true passion for the realm. Another problem is, is that i find myself even more inclined to space, in regards to Astrophysics. This is where i think i become confused because my passion to know everything about this particular subject sometimes overtakes my sleep. lol. what do i do??
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    Most people who go into physics aren't in it for the money.

    If you're really serious about it, they you have to look into what is necessary to enter an undergraduate physics program at a university. One option (before you "quite your day job") might be to enroll as a part-time student and take one or two physics courses to see how much you really enjoy it.

    As far as losing sleep goes, it happens from time to time. But for the most part, it's not really worth it, so the sooner you can leave your work at the office/study room, the better.
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    hey thanks im currently doing a ton of self study so i can be able to take a physics course next fall. im really enjoying what i have been doing so far... thanks for the advice
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