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How do I know who is referring to me?

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    I just noticed on my profile, Referrals: 6 :surprised . Just a few days ago, it showed 4. I don't ever remember giving my PF ID to anyone, so how do I know who is referring to me?
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    I can't answer your question about knowing who referred you (I don't know if that's something logged for the admins to see), but I think someone else explained not long ago that when someone signs up, they can type in a username of someone who referred them instead of signing up by following the link with your ID number in it. If you don't know anyone who knows your username either, I guess it could be that someone liked what they saw in a post of yours and listed you as the person referring them without really knowing you otherwise.
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    It is me, I have been messing with your head a bit :smile:
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    Do you have only one username here? :biggrin:
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    Thanks, Moonbear! I suppose this cleared some of my doubts.
    I should have known :rofl: .
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    I just recieved an email about this forum. I decided to check it out and went to registration and found I am already registered here. Is this forum directly connected to another forum I might already be registered to? Im not particularly or formally educated in math or science, but I am interested. V
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    You made the following reply a few months back:
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