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Homework Help: How do i make a FAN?

  1. Oct 20, 2004 #1
    hey, i am a year 11 student, we have an assignment where we must build a fan (non electric) that will spin once wind from a wind tunnel in blown onto it.....Now i know this may sound rather simple, and it probably is....but i am just looking for some guidlines on how to make a fan that will WORK. Any help or links to other websites would be much appreciated. Thanks for your help in case i dont get a chance to reply :smile:
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    Not much to it is there? Vanes to catch the wind- at an angle so that the wind pushes them in a given direction. An axles without too much friction.
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    Try here:
    This si for a large windmill, but you can size it down and use stiff paper (like a manilla folder). It's easy to do, take about an hour.
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