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How do i move get rid of a fraction like this?

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    Usually for question like 1/(e^x) I can get rid of the fraction by writing it as e^-x. FOr a question like (e^x+1)/e^x how do I do this? It simplifies down to e^-x+1 but I don't get how to do it.
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    [tex]\frac{a+b}{c} = \frac{a}{c} + \frac{b}{c}[/tex]
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    edit: dextercioboy: ooh true. sorry! :redface: o:)
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    You have a typo...And besides,the idea was to make him solve the exercise,not doing it for him... :grumpy:

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    A direct answer to your exact question is (e^x + 1)*e^-x, just like your 1/e^x example. :smile: Don't forget the distributive property of multiplication over addition.
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