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How do I post a thread with a polling option?

  1. Feb 23, 2008 #1
    hey want to post a thread with a polling option.

    I have ticked the box saying I want "x" amount of options... But where do I type what the options are?

    I.e if it was blue vs red... Where/when am i able to type this to get red and blue next to the polling options?

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    A poll should have appeared and if you selected 5 options, five text boxes should appear to type in questions.

    I can add a poll to this thread.
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    when do the text boxes appear? After i have clicked submit? Because i cant see them yet....:s
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    Yes, after you click submit. The thread will appear while you're still entering the poll options.
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    I just posted it. It was supposed to be titled the big question... I didn't put the n on the end by accident so it reads questio... Is it possible for me or a mentor to change this?
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    thanks heaps :)
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