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How do I post equations?

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    I have no idea where I'm supposed to put this post, so I'll try here. Is there any way I can get equations written in Microsoft Word to show up in my posts here? Writing an equation directly in the post, like x=d*y^(1/2) for example, doesn't look very good and can be somewhat difficult to decipher sometimes.
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    You can attach the word document to your post, but others will not be able to view it until a moderator approves it.

    A better solution would be to learn the LaTeX commands, which is quite simple one you learn the symbols, and post fancy stuff like [tex]\frac{\partial^2 \psi_i}{\partial t^2}[/tex]. :) With it you can directly post readable equations immediately.

    Download the howtolatex and Symbols pdf for reference.
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    Aha! Thanks! I'll try one immediately: [tex]a^x_n[/tex]
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    Note also that MathType (the full version of Word's built-in equation editor) can export equations to the clipboard in LaTeX format. I don't know if the built-in equation editor can do it also.

    In my copy of MathType (Mac OS X) the setting is under Preferences --> Translators.
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