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How do I prepare myself for MS in ME from US?

  1. Jun 9, 2014 #1
    Hi guys
    I'm 19 and just finished my 2nd sem exams so yeah first year is over.
    I would like to do MS in mechanical engg (or something similar) from US after graduating. Now I would like to prepare for that as soon as possible.
    Apart from CGPA after four years, what else is required ? I have been learning solidworks by myself for quite sometime now and have just recently started ANSYS. Mastering such softwares would be beneficial, right ?
    So what else can I do right now ? I'm kinda lost
    Also what is the acceptable CGPA for top 20-30 colleges ? I'm guessing 3.5, is that right ? I actually have no idea.

    EDIT : Which exams would I need to give ? There is TOEFEL/IELTS for english and GRE. Anymore ? What about GRE physics ? I have read that for physics programs GRE physics is a must but for engg ones, it is optional, only compulsory for some universities. So in that case should I worry about it ?

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