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How do I prepare?

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    I have been invited to a math contest that will take place a week from now. Its questions are all essay response (proofs and numerical answers) and it is difficult. I have never written a contest in this format before. How do I prepare for it? And how can I ensure that I am lucid as Euclid on the morning of the exam?
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    Well, you could begin your practise by attempting the previous papers of this exam.
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    I was only able to find one (last year's).
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    stay up all night and drink a bunch of coffee?
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    The efficacy of this method speaks volumes about standardized testing. :tongue2:

    I agree with siddharth. Also, you might want to try and match the tests to a textbook. If you can find one with a lot of overlap, then there's a good chance that most of the material on your test will be covered there as well.
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    Are the questions like the ones in the attached file because i have loads of these if you want them.

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    Yes, they are olympiad style, so I suppose the BMOs would be good practice. You can send them in a zip or rar archive to my e-mail address
    the placed the (at) there in place of @ so it cannot be picked up by spam bot.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Did you get my email?
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    Yes, thankyou
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