How do i purify methane?

  1. Hello does anyone know an easy way to purify methane made from biomass? Im not sure what gases im producing but i know i have methane, co2 and water vapor, and maybe hydrogen sulfured judging from the smell. I want to get a product clean enough to burn in place of nature gas. Thanks for the help
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    You can probably burn your gas as is, even though it has a lot of other stuff with it.
    The heating value would be lower, because of the inert components and the exhaust would be a bit dirty, from the burning hydrogen sulfide.
    Just check to make sure your methane percentage is high enough to avoid the chance of explosion.
  4. I know that it will burn, i tested that. But i worry that the water and hydrogen sulfured could damage the rotter blades in the engine im working on.
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    Hydrogen sulfide stinks so bad the human nose picks it up at the part per million level, which is good, because it is actually more poisonous than hydrogen cyanide.
    You can spend the effort to clean up your gas, bubble it through alkaline solution to strip the CO2 and maybe copper nitrate for the H2S and then a silica bed drier, but why bother? Unless you plan to run your engine for a long time, nothing biologically sourced will do much damage. We're not looking at 10% H2S levels here, as could be the case with raw well gas
  6. My goal is to build a turbine engine that runs on methane, but i worry that over time the blades will get pitted and brake and i dont want to ruin months of work and wast all the money im putting into this prototype. And i also want it to burn cleanly. So i will try cleaning the gas before i use it. Thank you:)
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