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How do I run a python script?

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    I downloaded a script for python and have no idea how to run it.

    Do I go into the python GUI or the windows command prompt? Is there any way I can use this in github?

    Someone told me on another forum said the following.

    1. cd /path/to/file
    2. python script.py <options here>

    Which commands do I type in and where? Please help me out!
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    That instruction should work if the path to the python.exe file is added to the PATH environmental variable.(Which I think is done automatically when installing python on windows).
    Just press windows button+r or go to start->run and type cmd. The command prompt window(a black window with white texts on it) opens. Then you should go into the partition containing the file, so you should type D: (if the file is in the D partition). Then you cd to the path of the file and then type python "filename".py.
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    To check your settings in the command prompt window, type the word 'set' and hit return. That will display all of your settings, including your PATH settings.
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    Also, could someone please explain to me how to run a cloned repository in github?
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    I'm not sure what you mean by running a cloned repository. Do you mean cloning a repository? Have you looked at the Working with GitHub repositories help page?
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