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How do I script Windows?

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    I'm starting to get really annoyed trying to script a new server installation. I found out I have to go into some control panel, make some adjustments, click next, next, then save. No. Just xxx no!

    Why is there no documentation anywhere that I can find about how to do it easily? How do I make changes to the control panel without actually going through the stupid control panel? Where are the files that these settings are actually stored in?

    "Oh, I wanna make changes to my network." - Microsoft Sally
    "Okay, instead of having an /etc/network.d, lets give the user all these windows and buttons because it looks pretty." - Microsoft Dick
    "Why not make it easier for the tech people who actually have to do these operations and don't care about or even plan on seeing those buttons and have to do it on entire racks of servers all at once?"- Microsoft Sally
    "F*ck those people."- Microsoft Dick

    Where is documentation on the inner workings of this stupid operating system?

    Or, maybe somebody just knows. Where is the Local Server Roles so that I can enable Windows Media Server?

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    Have you tried msconfig in the command line? O.k., it's not a batch, but maybe less to click though.
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    It's been something I've been looking into for doing this. It looks like it allows you to basically script what the mouse and keyboard are doing, is that right?
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    ? You can try it without risk as long as you do not make changes. It allows you to control startup procedures and services as a whole. There have been also default paths and variables in earlier versions somewhere, but I have forgotten where or if it is still available outside the registry. The latter can also be manually adjusted by regedit in the command line. (But make a copy of it before doing so. You can destruct the OS there.) But to switch on and off services msconfig should do.
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    There are several ways of doing this:
    • The advanced way: Learn to create an installation file (*.msi). Warning: This is complex!
    • The Command Prompt way: Learn Powershell and all its associated commands.
    • The hacker way: Get hold of one of those utilities that can record your key presses and mouse clicks, record your actions and use the record to play back the actions.
    There may be more options, but these are just off the top of my head.
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