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How do i solve this simultaneous equation?

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    Lumda λ = 1.42
    i tried to make m the subject and substituting Eqn 1 with Eqn 2 but end up getting stucked here everytime..
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    Try taking equations 1 and 2 from the OP and squaring each first. That gets rid of the square root.

    You can solve Equation 1 for λ^2 and then substitute this into Eq. 2. You should then be able to solve for m in terms of n.

    This is called eliminating the common factor.
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    ive tried,there is a (m+1/2)λ which makes my elimination of m isnt possible(at least for me)..
    i tried squaring both sides for equation(2) which ends up with a m^2*λ^2 + mλ^2 ...
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