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Homework Help: How do I solve x^x = 58 ?

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    We had a home work solving quadratic equation. I solved each question except this one. We did not learn about lograrizm ..integral staff. I had no idea how to solve this question. x^x=58. The home work is due today I am posting this forum in school. I am despirate. Help :confused:
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    Just forget it.
    You can't express the solution of that equation in an "ordinary" manner.
    Probably, it is a typo.
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    x^x = 58
    If you do trial-and-error on your calculator... you get something like x = 3.35475 (Approximation)
    Then again, I have no idea why you would get such a problem.. we never even got this far in Algebra 2. :)
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