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How do i tell girl s that i am not interested?

  1. Oct 31, 2006 #1
    How do i tell girl"s" that i am not interested?

    I am very attractive. how do i know? i had people come up to me and ask me if i was a model. The problem with me is that i find myself having to deal with so much unnecessary attentions from girls. That is the cases when i go to bars, or at the university appartments. Girls are always giving me those sideway, eye contacts, and smiles( somethings with a friend). problem 1:The problem with me is that i feel "obligated" to talk to them when they do that. It is perhaps obvious that i dont want to talk to them.Just today, i am walking on the campus, and this blond girl, and her grils was laughing, teasing one another about me! Last year, when i was a waiter at a pizza place, one time, there was a group of 30-40-50 year old women on a table. The discussion turned, and these women are teasing one of the woman, becuase of how she reaction to the young waiter that was serving them(ME!). I had older women hitting on me. I don t even know how i should react.
    It is ridiculous how much i have to deal with in a single week. Problem 2: i hate to break these girls hearts.
    problem 3:I have guys that hates the fact i can screw a girl evey night. what am i suppose to do? deniel girls from come into my room? problem 4: I can t stay faithful to any one girl. problem 5: I can t study, and i can t do my homework?
    I think my biggest problem is problem 5. It is really hurting my grades. What am i to do? Denial sex? I am a guy.
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    Gee, your list of problems is indeed unique, except for problem 5. :biggrin:
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    :rofl: What another one of these threads?

    How about "I am not that kind of guy!". :rofl:
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    Talk to arildno.
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    Give me a break, Fabio.

    - Warren
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