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How do I understand language?

  1. Nov 28, 2005 #1
    Obviously this is a bit to big of a question for one thread, if someone knows any good web pages that have an introduction to philosophy of language I would be gratefull.

    I am finding as I read other areas of philosophy I have not in any way critically thought about the process of language that I am engaging in when I read, and how it effects my thinking.

    I wonder when i hear the word "cat", obviously cat is an arbitrary sound, so it only has meaning because my brain is wired to analyse that sound and make associations to areas in my visual cortex, where a pattern of firing that is similar to what would happen if I saw a cat takes place.

    Is all language or propositional thought in some way reducible to imaginal thought. Even with mathmatical language, we learn at a young age that the arbitrary sound "three" is associated with three blocks, or three apples, and in some sense my concept of three is fundamentally a picture of three "things" if I really dig.
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