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How do I write with Latex?

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    I really need to know this, as its becoming difficult to write equations...
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    Click on any Latex code, and lo and behold, all shall be revealed!
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    As arildno indicated, just click on any typeset string and a popup will appear with the corresponding script.

    If you're talking about using LaTeX in more generally than just on these boards (ie. to actually write papers, etc.), take a look at the MikTeX distribution (www.miktex.org)[/URL]. I suggest the Texnic Center IDE if you're using Windows; I've used it for years and have never had any problems.

    LaTeX tutorials abound; here are some examples



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    Or, you can also try this not so short guide to LaTeX. Actually, I find it pretty well-arranged. It contains most things you'll probably need from LaTeX. Just one downside, it's pretty big... :frown:
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