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How do I?

  1. Mar 21, 2003 #1
    1. With the new PF, how can I see a list of the most recent posts of PF members? (In the old PF all one had to do is click on their profile.. then lo and behold...)

    2. In the old PF it was possible to see which thread and topic a member was in. How can one do that with the new PF?

    Im not a stalker, ok?

    Just a harmless watcher and admirer...
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    When you visit the forums, it tells you who else is browsing them at the same time as you, just at the top Under the part where it says [for example]
    Physics Forums > Community > Physics Forum Feedback and Announcement
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    It's Simple ...
    - Search For * (Everything Posted)
    - Then Type The Username Of The Person you Want To See His/Her recent Topics And Posts.
    - Then Specify The Date You Last Joined .

    This Gives You The Recent Topics Of The Person You Search For.
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    First of all, enter the member page (by pressing the little button on the upper right corner called "Members"), from there find the member of subject.
    After you have found it there is a little "Search" button next to his nick, click it to find the latests posts by him (with the begining of each post).

    I don't know exactly, but when you enter each forum it shows who is browsing the forums with you (at the top of the page it writes "Members browsing the forums : X, Y, Z ..."
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