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Medical How do Orgasms Work?

  1. Mar 25, 2003 #1
    How do orgasms work?

    I know how humans can get them, but:

    1) How would one describe what what is?

    2) Physiologically, what is an orgasm?
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    1) I would describe orgasms as a touch-stimulus response of muscular contractions eliciting feelings of pleasure.
    2) Similar to 1, but I'm not a biologist.
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    As you probably know, an orgasm is not a single event, but a complex set of bodily functions. In the male, contractions of specialized muscles in the penis (very similar to circumesophageal comencers) eject semen. Similar contractions in female cause the end of the fallopian tube to "dip" repeatedly in a small reservoir located in the uterus (this reservoir is the place where semen is most likely to be deposited).

    In addition to this, nerve fibers in the pelvis transmitted a signal causing muscle spasms in the lower back. This, of course, is accompanied by a whole cocktail of neurochemical releases. The Owl could probably tell you more about the neurochemistry then I, as this appears to be somewhat of a specialty of hers. However, I think it can be safely assumed that the usual list (dopamine, endorphins, etc.) would be included.
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    The neurochemistry!- THAT is what i am mostly interested in. Anybody have any comments on the neurochemistry of it? Any good websites?
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    An orgasm is something should be experienced rather than studied. I'll just be leaving my email address below, in case any of you ladies are interested in learning more....


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    You are dealing with the twice-high holy secret of constant generation here...
    Some things should not be questioned

    Actually I haven't a clue.
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    In addition to the neurochemistry, there has also been a recorded alteration in brainwave patterns. You could check with Masters & Johnson, plug their name into a search engine. Also, you really should PM The Owl and notify her of this thread, this stuff is what she excells at.
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    Re; A slight correction

    Actually it is the cervix that performs that feat, while experiancing orgasm, that is located at the top of the Vagina, while the fallopian tubes are connected near the top of the utereus (sp?) which is above the cervix, and vagina.

    Recently it was discovered that by placing a small electrical stimulating device, in a womans spine, she could trigger orgasms with simply a switch, to turn that stimulator on, repetitively. if desired.

    Most of what goes on in the brain is neurochemical, and generative of pleasurable brainwave patterns.

    It is all, in the end, in your head!
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    Actually, there are NO muscles in the penis, it is an 'empty sac', "Corpus Cavernosum" actually, three sort of 'bladders', two large, one small, fill with blood for (insert your own thoughts here)

    If you feel below a male's scrotum, following the "Raphes Scrote" (sp?) (Feels like a 'welded line' of skin, 'Raphes' means 'line{s}') while it is erect, you will notice that the root of the penis extends deep into the male body. (massaging such is rumored to be a male 'ero' zone, but I've no experiancal knowledge of that)

    In a female it is the smooth wall muscles of the Vagina that pulsate rythmically, during orgasm.

    (It's clinical, relax, this won't hurt a bit........)
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    Entropia, I highly highly highly recommend Jaak Panskepp's book Affective Neuroscience. Expensive, but worth every penny. Not a ton on orgasms, but a lot on sexuality in general. All I remember right now is that the primary neurostransmitters are vasopressin and oxytocin.

    You might try the search "orgasm AND review[pt]" on PubMed and see what you find ( http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed/ )... PubMed rules.
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    Why are you trying to make love potion number 9? Guranteed orgasm in a bottle I am sure would sell
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