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How do piezoelectronics work?

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    sorry for bad engilsh . but I was wondering how PZT works i tried reading about it but it made no sense to me
    what is the output ¿ like how can it charge a battery
    does PZT when excited put out a controlable voltage or what
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    Crystals are made of atoms in a regular lattice.

    Some atoms or combinations of atoms change their shape under an electrical charge; conversely they develop an electrical charge when deformed.

    Thus the crystals made from those atoms share this property.

    While technically this allows pressure on the crystal to develop a charge which could be used as power, the energies involved are small and the circuitry to do it is complex. Thus far it has resisted widespread application. Still, we keep hoping.

    More practically crystals are used to generate signals. They are used in transducers (microphones) and, when cut to resonate, as frequency sources. In these applications other circuits amplify the small amount of power.
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