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How do S0 galaxies form?

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    I'm wondering how S0 type galaxies form. I heard that it may be due to an end to star formation and a supposed resultant instability in the disk. Does anyone know about this or might be able to point me towards some relevant papers?

    Thanks :-)
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    Canabalizing other galaxies is the short answer.
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    So what differentiates them from ellipticals? What sort of mass do they typically have too?
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    S0 galaxies are essentially the transition point in galaxy evolution. These galaxies are found in cluster environments where they are subject to a variety of mechanisms that serve to remove the cold gas reservoir of the galaxy. These mechanisms (strangulation, harassment, tidal stripping, ram-pressure stripping) all serve to halt star formation in what was once a star-forming (late-type) galaxy, and evolve it into an early-type galaxy.

    An example from the theorist's perspective (the issue here is that models produce satellite galaxies that are too red, as the star formation quenching is too efficient ) can be found here:


    Whilst the a more observational approach (using data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey) can be found here:

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