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How do satellites stay i space

  1. May 2, 2007 #1
    :confused: Hi every1, im currently doing a posterboard and i need sum help...I need to know how satellites stay in space..i need to sdo an expierement then post pictures, questions, summarys, etc. Anyone have and ideas on how to signify how a satellite stays in space?
    A friend of mine said that I could get a balloon, and a bowl of water. He said I should fill the balloon with air and the bowl with water, then from the bottem of the balloon pull it into the water. He claimed that if i pictured it upside down (the water as the earth's gravity and the balloon as the satellite) would show how the satellite stays in space...Is this valid??or bs?? HELP ME!!!:confused:
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    Ask your friend to throw a ball as far as they can.
    Give a price for the one who will satellize it.
    If nobody succeeds, make a graphic of what it would look like to succeed.
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    u83rn00b, there is a thread about this already here in the same forum:


    Please check out that thread to see if it meets your needs.

    lalbatros, your reply was not very helpful. Please confine your replies (especially in the Homework Help forums) to helpful contributions.

    This thread is locked. Please follow the link for further discussion about this question.
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