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How do some of you

  1. Jul 18, 2007 #1
    how do some of you ....

    find it possible to strictly study physics courses for 8 hours a day when you probably have 4 or 5 other courses to pay attention too? How do you expect to perform decent in those courses if your main focus is on physics. I study at least 3 hours for each courses, depending on how difficult the course is , I studylonger hours of the course is difficult, and less hours if the course is really easy.
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    Well, Im a math and physics major. I dont usually study around 8 hours a day for a single class. I usually study 3 to 4 hours everyday and about 5 to 6 on the weekends for all my classes. I try to spread it out instead of doing it all in advance. Like when I know a test is coming up Ill start studying a week or so in advance. Plus like if you have several subjects to study for rotate after each hour. For me its seems if i study something for over an hour without a break I start getting irritated and tend to stop ... It might not be what ya wanted but I hope it helps.
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    Another idea is maybe that your overachieving. I currently have like a 3.86, which is fine for me. Relax some, take a break. Dont overdo it.
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