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How do test a power capacitor?

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    How do test a power capacitor?
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    Welcome, wasvar2013, to Physics Forums!

    Will you please give more information? Define Power capacitor: give a link, please, to a technical data sheet of a power capacitor or a journal article describing it. Give circuit (schematic) diagram showing how it is used. Describe exactly what kind of test(s) you want to perform, please. Once you provide this information you may expect members here to give you some useful responses.

    Thank you.
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    jim hardy

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    What test equipment have you available?

    What properties of a capacitor could you measure with your equipment? Which of those would tell you if there's trouble inside the capacitor?

    I do initial checks on them with a meter like this:
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    thanks,it's very useful.
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    wasvar2013, Thank you for saying the type of capacitor you are interested in testing. Looking at the "wascapacitor" link you posted I found one typical pdf datasheet that listed these tests for that series of capacitors:

    "Film Capacitors – Power Factor Correction BKMJ Series Metallized Polypropylene Film Capacitors Cylindrical Type test:

    ※ Thermal stability test
    ※ Measurement of the tangent of the loss angle(tanδ) of the capacitor at elevated temperature
    ※ Measurement of the tangent(tanδ) of the loss angle of the capacitor
    ※ Voltage test between terminals
    ※ Voltage test between terminals and container
    ※ Capacitance measurement and capacity calculation
    ※ Test of internal discharge device
    ※ Thermal stability test
    ※ Discharge test
    ※ Self-healing test"

    Now, will you please provide members here more information? What exactly is your intention? What specifically do you want to test? Is English you first language? Members here are always flexible and eager to assist people seeking information, but they cannot "read you mind with telepathy"! Thank you.
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    Do you mean capacitor manufacturing product testing? -- The test that the capacitor manufacturer can / will / should do to caps? -- If so - ideally this should be part of the initial product specification.

    There are two phases - product design validation and then production tests. Your inquiry is too vague.
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