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How do they do it?

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    I don't know how familiar anyone here is with the http://www.sciserv.org/sts/ [Broken] but it's basically a super-science fair for high school seniors.

    Looking through http://www.sciserv.org/sts/62sts/winners.asp, I'm just trying to figure out how the hell they do it? How can you do research like that while only a high school student?

    Any thoughts?
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    By not having a social life and probably being put through very expensive private schools for education.
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    Brain transplant?
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    That's it! It has to be.
    The trick is; you don't take the old one out.
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    Hmmm. Makes you wonder if the winners ever actually need the $100K scholarship.
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    :) Yep. Have you seen the kids at some of those high-powered East Coast prep schools (eg Dalton)? It is just amazing...
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    I am very familiar with Intel, I didn't realize the had such a contest.
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