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How do u like Electrical Engineering

  1. Sep 2, 2004 #1
    I am thinking of becomming an electrical engineer and was wondering how everyone liked there job

    what kind of job do they have exactly
    and maybe what one could exspect for a salary in this field
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    As far as jobs go, being a EE is pretty good. It's a desk job, and you get to apply your mind. If you like tinkering with things, you'll love being a EE. You can work on practically anything -- electronics and computer technology are involved in the manufacture of everything. Your salary will be upper-middle class. You'll never get stinking rich on an engineering salary, but you'll never have to worry about paying your bills, either.

    - Warren
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    is it common for people to do ee and buisness and open their own company?
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    Also are buisness classes really that usefull in college?
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    Only if you want to make some real money. :rofl:
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    I meant to say do you think that it would be essential to take buisness classes to a degree standpoint to start a sucessful buisneess after doing ee.
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    I'd be thinking 'PE' following EE, especially if you want your own business.

    good luck
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    Just noticed this thread...........

    I love EE and I love being an EE.

    Most of the work I do is related to radar and antennas...so I work mainly in electromagnetic related stuff....

    Great fun and very interesting. As far as tinkering goes....EE is a great field for that if you are willing to put some effort into learning from your mistakes.
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    i have a relating question... my friend was studying electrical when he figured out that computer engineering is better for him.. he says that EE requires a lot of complicated mathematical derivations and integrations... he told me that all the interesting stuff like programming and logical mathematics are available if he studies computer... i gave it a thought since i'm concerned about this: (EE or Computer?)
    some people told me that electronics and communications is a good field from all sides: job, salary and scientifical degrees. well, i want them all and especially the degrees, because i believe that i can't be a proffesional without them as i've seen so many people got many of those. see, my friend told me that for example EEs manufacture circuits pointlessly, while Computer Es programme those cicuits to make a proccessor.here's my problem, i want a field that i can study programming specifically and not based on those complicated mathematics... could it be computer or EE?
    i hear that i can study electrical THEN i can specialize in something like Computer Electronics field, is that right? if yes, then tell me more about those please because i'm confused and i can't decide without asking people who are involved.
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    Hello, I will be trained as integrated avionics systems in the U.S airforce . I am currently enroll in College. I lke to be computer programmer. when I search for jobs, most jobs are being offered if I have Electronic Engineer background. I frankly acknowledge I have no ideas what EE is. Could you guy tell me EE is real hard to study. And what exactly I need to study to become a good integrated avionic systems technician. Thank you
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    INteresting thread... im an electronics and communications engineering student now doing my thesis... though its not exactly the same as EE, we do have a lot of similarities... the only difference is that we delve into communications as well... and i have to say, i love my field... makes me feel like im an inventor... especially after making an idea materialize into something concrete...
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