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How do you add equations

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    this crazy lab is askign me to add 2 equations (the same way you add math equations it says)


    H + OH ----> H20 + NA + CL ----> NACL = ??

    first time ive seen this :grumpy:
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    Not sure about the "adding" part, but this makes sense:

    H+ + Cl- + Na+ + OH- --> H2O + NaCl

    You can't have plain Cl, must be Cl2.
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    To add equations you add left sides and right sides separately.

    What are the equations you have to add?
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    thanks borke, seems you nkow what your saying lol
    ill give you them, ca you add them so i seew hat you mean.

    reaction 1:
    NaOh ---> Na+ + OH- + 4.184 kJ


    reaction 2:
    NaOH + Hcl ---> H20 + NaCl + 5.25 kJ

    first reacions a decomposition one.

    anyways, id appreciate ifyou can do that then
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    First reaction is dissociation, not decomposition.

    However, adding these two doesn't make sense, as these are apples and pears.

    What is exact wording of the question?
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