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How do you browse PF?

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    Some threads recently, including
    have piqued my curiosity about how other members browse PF.

    I do exactly two things:
    1] My PF. I first check all my subscribed threads that have responses since I last checked them. I auto-subscribe to all threads I post in.
    Once I'm done that,
    2] Get Posts > New Posts. I just browse all new posts regardless of subforum.
    I never look in individual subforums.

    I get the feeling some people hang out only in specific fora.

    How do you browse?
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    First, I go to GD, and see what's going on there. So nice to check in with my PF peeps!

    Then often to the fun and photos subforum.

    If I'm feeling brave, I'll wander into the politics forum. Sometimes the crap I read there will lead to an early departure but that doesn't happen too often, fortunately.

    My guilty pleasure is the relationships forum :redface:.

    Then usually the feedback & announcements forum.

    I check the academic forum and career guidance forum, and opine when I my advice might be helpful. I especially like finding students who seem kind of lost.

    Then the other sciences fora - I especially like the medical forum.

    Back to GD where I hang out.
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    Exactly like you.
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    Aside from mentor duties, I browse GD, biology & medical sciences. I post when and where I want and respond when I want, I have no desire to keep track of anything. I don't care if anyone has responded to any thread I've posted in, lots of times I'll post in a thread and never return.
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    First I check new messages and respond. Then I check the lounge. Then mathematics, academic guidance and homework help. In that order.
    That usually keeps me busy for a while...
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    Mostly I just come and look at "My PF" to see if anyone has replied to a thread I've posted on (since my understanding is that you're not supposed to leave homework threads hanging).

    If I'm feeling bored I'll check some subset of the Advanced Physics homework forum, Computing & Technology, Feedback & Announcements, then GD, usually in that order. Or occasionally I'll peek in to another semi-randomly chosen forum.
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    My PF first, then I start in either the General Physics forum and go from there, or I start in the General Astronomy forum and bounce around. Every few days I remember to check the general discussion forum and other related areas.
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    I start with Academic Guidance to see if someone has posted the secret to becoming an expert physicist with minimal effort. Once I am thoroughly disappointed, I check out Homework Help to see if there is a question I can help with that the amazing pf-helper team hasn't already taken. From there, I hop over to GD and check the lame jokes and other happenings.

    I don't mess with subscribing to threads (I hate getting an email stating that someone has replied to a topic that is important to me only to visit and find out that it was micromass posting a picture of a kitten eating a happy meal) and rely on the feature that makes unread threads bold (which is currently buggy...)
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    First I go to the infractions page to see what trouble I've got myself into now. Then I go over to the philosophy page to see if I exist or not. I could understand if they would decide yea or nay, but they don't and the suspense is killing me. From there to politics. I rarely post there, but I see two classes of posters, total idiots, and those who agree with me. From there I head out to the content pages like physics, math, and homework help. I look for threads that I understand and except for rare exceptions, go away empty handed. Then I come to GD. I look for posts that seem to be the ultimate in nonsense and try to prove that they aren't.
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    It usually goes something like this: I zombie-walk from my bed to my computer and turn it on. By the time the "morning glory" has been taken care of, the PF page has already loaded. I proceed to check the academic guidance section and then....damn (!), gonna be late for an exam...gotta go!

    As of late, I have also taken an interest in the homework section as well as general discussion.
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    I first check to see if the Earth forum has moved. Unfortunately it usually hasn't as it seems to exist on a geological timescale. Occasionally there is the odd seismic tremor of activity and even less occasionally I might even have something to say about it.

    I haven't yet discovered all the fancy "subscribe to thread" and "check new post" features.

    One thing I used to like that seems to have gone is the box at the bottom that let you jump from forum to forum. Now you have to navigate back and forth from the contents page, which slows you down to the point of just not bothering on most occasions. Bring back the JUMP TO BOX!
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    The first thing I check is My PF, then I'll see what's going on in General Discussion. Occasionally I'll offer/ask for some help with math in the Homework section. Lastly, if I have time, I'll check Academic Guidance to see if I'm able to contribute to anything there.

    I simply don't have the prerequisite knowledge to intelligently participate in some of the other sections yet. :smile:

    :rofl: This is great!
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    I like Serena

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    I use the GoogleReader webpage (where you can subscribe to the RSS feed of PF) to track new threads.
    I like this way better than the overviews that Get Posts offers.

    I like to interact with other members, so I usually open Quick Links / Open Contacts Popup to track who is online and check if they started any interesting threads.

    I use a separate email account to collect notifications.
    This works easier than checking My PF.
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    Several people have mentioned the cause effect of subscribing and getting emails. Not for me.

    I subscribe to all threads I post in, so I can keep following them using My PF. But I do not get emails for them, since I have email notification set to 'never'. This gives me the best of both worlds.
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    I use My PF first.

    Then I go in the following order:

    Academic Guidance
    Physics Topics forums
    Advanced Physics HW forum
    Anything else that catches my interest in the other forums.

    I don't really use the Get New Posts option at all. Maybe I should?
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