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Homework Help: How do you calculate mass?

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    Is it length * width?? I need to know asap
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    Length times width is area. What exactly are you trying to do?
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    It really depends on what other information you have available to you.
    -if you know an objects density and volume you can calculate its mass
    -if you know an objects acceleration and force applied you can calculate its mass
    etc etc.
    What information do you have?
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    E = mc²
    [tex] F=\frac{d}{dt}(mv) [/tex]
    [tex] a=\frac{M}{m}g [/tex]

    here are some equations in which mass is involved... maybe one you could use to solve for mass for your particular problem
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    I have the object im in 10th grade and I'm in intro to physics and it told me to calculate the mass... umm its for a car we had to make and im suppose to find certain calculations, im new to this stuff... I need to know soon please its due tomorrow. :smile:
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    Get a scale that shows kilograms/grams. 'Weigh' your car. The reading will be the mass.
    If your scale doesnt show kilograms/grams but pounds or ounces, then simply convert your value to metric. www.onlineconversion.com is a good source.
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    Ok thank you very much.
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    Well, if it told you to 'calculate' its mass, then 'measuring' it would be cheating.

    If you know what you made the car out of, you can look up the densities of the materials it's made from.

    If you know the dimensions of the car, you can calculate the volume of the components. (For a cuboid, volume is base * width * height.)

    If I tell you that density = mass / volume, then you might be able to get cracking!
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