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How do you conquer boringness

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    how do you conquer boringness.....

    I am studying CFD book and its only 5 pages that i am feeling sick of it....
    am trying to increase my curiousity but sleep is taking over:rofl:
    but its very important that i finish most of syllabus today,otherwise i dont know what will happen to me..........:cry:
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    Pour some cold water on your face. Nice, cold water, flowing laminarly down from your faucet, splashing onto your face like a turbulent rapid. Almost as if it was approximately a bunch of finite polyhedra connected by the incompressible... oh, sorry.
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    What is CFD?
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    Cooking For Dummies.
    November, the term 'boringness' would imply that you cause boredom. Just as the term 'nausious' means that you cause nausea, not suffer from it.
    I believe that what you are referring to is boredom. And I not only don't experience it, I literally can't understand the concept. If I don't have anything to do, I think about things. When I get too tired to think about things, I go to sleep. How can anyone with more than a dozen functional brain cells hooked together get bored?
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    This is a little vague. I'm not sure if you mean, "How do you become a master of boringness?" or consider it a disease that needs to be cured (I'm horribly offended if you mean the latter! :grumpy: )

    Personally, I found the character George Garvey, the hero of Ray Bradbury's short story "The Watchful Poker Chip of H. Matisse", to be an inspiration that allowed me great success in mastering the art of boringness.
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    I reckon that boredom stems from fatigue and lack of motivation. You specifically are probably a real 'goer' of a person and can tap into a source of internal energy that simply can't be reached by quite a lot of people.

    Personally, I'm in between. Sometimes I have lots of energy, and it's at these times when it's impossible for me to get bored, because I have the energy to study or do something artistic etc etc. But when I feel lethargic, I can find myself just sat there, knowing that there are things that can be done but simply not doing them.

    So I also think that boredom can be symptomatic of chronic procrastination... nobody doesn't want to do anything, but lots of people put off doing stuff that they wish they just had the energy and the 'get up and go' attitude to do.
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    Not true at all. "Boringness" is the noun form of the word "boring". He did not say "How do I conquor my boringness?" The boringness he was concerned about was implied to be a property of the book in question.
    You misspelled it, and:
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    :tongue: That was a typo, not a misspelling. One of the drawbacks of being ambidextrous is that I have a tendency to transpose keys that require the same finger movement from one hand to the other. I'm constantly mixing up 'd' and 'k', 'e' and 'i', 'q' and '[', etc.. That one slipped by.

    I'm not sure what dictionary you found that in, but any one that I can find includes the context as an improper, but common, usage. It's in the same category as "ain't". If it was that American Heritage thing, I don't accept that as a real dictionary.
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    I always use the Webster's. I should have posted a link:

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    My guess would be Computational Fluid Dynamics.
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    yup...Siddharth you are right...

    Somehow reading these numerical methods was very boring to me but looking at their applications,i am progressing....
    studying those differential equations which dont have analytical solutions is like hell...
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