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How do you deal with this?

  1. Oct 19, 2009 #1
    So I know they're must be atleast one other person in the world just like me. So I can go on asking this question. How do you deal with the constant pressure of that certain female on your mind?

    LOL i know your thinking LOL. I find it hard to work with this chick always on my mind. How can i blot her out of my mind? How do you do it? If any of you guys or girls who knows what i feels like to have a girl to spend time with and be straight A student then you know its a 175% Energy effort.

    It's like I don't want to get calloused and mean towards her ( like I do to EVERYONE when I'm in learning mode).
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    They don't call academia a discipline for nothing.

    First off there's no need to behave in a callous or mean manner to anyone. Studying is obviously a high priority for you, so the trick when anyone interfers with it is to communicate that you have specific time dedicated to your studies. It's not that hard to do this in a respectful manner.

    Secondly, to address the main concern: what happens when you can't stop thinking about someone in particular and you lose focus? Again it comes down to discipline. If you don't already have it, you likely need to dedicate some specific time towards this person and use it in a constructive and positive manner. If you find yourself daydreaming too much, maybe you need a break. Call her or email her, invite her out for a walk or coffee. Then get back to your task at hand.
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