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Homework Help: How do you design a bridge with these materials?

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    how do you build & design a bridge with these materials?

    4 drinking straws
    10 pieces dressmaker's oin
    5 pieces of 5-peso coins (the bridge should be able to withstand the weight of these coins)
    1 short bond paper
    and a
    1 meter sticky tape

    Anyone who has performed this project already? Please! I'm in dire need of help.

    and by the way, i need a thesis regarding this! please! help me! :smile:
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    This appears to be schoolwork. Tell us your ideas and let us know where you are stuck.

    To help you get started, remember that engineers are problem solvers. So first you determine the problems to be solved such as: the length of the bridge's span; weight to be supported, including the bridge's own weight; dealing with torgue on the structure (in large suspension bridges this is partly handled by the width of the structure and by placing a curve toward the end on one bank); type of foundation and location of foundation points. These are some of the possible problems to be considered.

    Tell us your ideas so far.
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    Agreed. Moved.

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    Think "Triangles."

    Also, an object with a longer dimension perpendicular to the direction of bending resists bending better than a "flatter" object.
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