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How do you explain the twin paradox to a friend

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    How do you explain the "twin paradox" to a friend

    Talking with a friend at work I encountered a problem, "No, he was wrong. There is no way possiable that someone can age at a diffrent rate because they are moving at a diffrent speed." We all know a person that has said this and have spent alot more time than perhaps one would like to get over that initial classical thinking. I would like to know how everyone likes to explain the "twin paradox" to someone who is intrested but is stuck in a world of falling apples and cars that only move at 55mph.
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    Twin Paradox Resolution

    There are subtleties in the twin paradox that can't be avoided unless you're competent in high school algebra and can follow carefully stated mathematical reasoning, line by line. I only know of one paper that properly resolves the "twin paradox." It is carefully detailed and is written by a mathematician. Let me know if you have any questions. http://www.everythingimportant.org/relativity/
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    continue the discussion in the other thread
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