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How do you explain this?

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    This isn't a paranormal claim, I dunno what caused it but.

    I was watching a youtube video (while at the same time saving it to my computer with the "Replay Media Catcher" program.). I turned off my electric heater (connected to a differnet power socket), and the sound in my youtube video went out (at the same exact time) (this was accompanied by a popping sound in my headphones) and hasn't come back on yet! Sound in all other programs/apps works fine and when I rewatched the saved youtube video in flvplayer the sound worked. Then I watched another youtube video and the sound was still out! wth?
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    Turning off the heater may have caused a power surge which corrupted some of the data stored in RAM being used by the youtube player, causing it to behave improperly. Try restarting your web browser, and if that doesn't work then try restarting your computer. I'm fairly certain this will resolve the issue considering that sound is working in other applications.
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